Named a Best Boutique Hotel Chain in the 2017 SmarterTravel Editors’ Choice Awards

An originator of character and imagination in boutique hospitality, Joie de Vivre has helped define an industry and today comprises the largest collection of boutique properties in California, with locations across America.

From surf- and countryside properties to storied city hotels, we celebrate the “joy of life” with a sense of discovery, playfulness and personality of place, infused with bold design and vibrant colors.

Joie de Vivre Hotels & Resorts

Since our founding in San Francisco in 1987, Joie de Vivre has made curating eclectic, local experiences its signature. Each of our more than 30 boutique hotels is an original concept designed to reflect its location and engage the five senses. Walk into a Joie de Vivre, and you will be greeted with a genuinely upbeat attitude. It’s our job to make it personal and bring the happy, because after all, there’s a lot of heart in our name.

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Rooftop Bar Guests

Joie de Vivre Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife

Joie de Vivre eateries and lounges are all about the corner on which they stand and the neighborhood that they embrace. And while each is independent in nature, they are reflections of their hotel’s unique vibe, offering a welcoming, fun and unpretentious hangout for local residents and guests alike.

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Say hello to joy and see how we celebrate life—with a whole lot of heart.