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Our Hotels & Resorts

As our portfolio evolves, we are guided by a strategy that draws from the past, present and future: Respect for the history and culture of our communities. An intimate, residential sensibility that springs from the outside in. A celebration of each locale and the individual needs of our guests—with forward-looking technology integrations aimed at improving every aspect of their time with us.

Cindy's Chicago Athletic Association

Our Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife

Coming together over a great meal is one of life’s profoundly simple joys, and we follow an equally simple credo in creating our restaurants: We avoid passing trends. We seek out innovators on the culinary rise. And, by featuring local talent in our chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders, says Two Roads’ Niki Leondakis, we “empower the local community to embrace the hotel as its own.” Let’s raise a glass to that.


While each of our brands carries a distinctive clarity of purpose, the Two Roads style is multi-layered, inspired by the power to transform a simple moment, or even a life, through genuine, heartfelt personal interactions. Here’s a sampling of those perspectives taken from our lively blogs—and the journeys that lie ahead on the road less taken.